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Game design, programming, art, and writing by Julia Minamata - julia@thecrimsondiamond.com Julia is a Toronto-based game dev and artist. She made art for Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, Witch Strandings, and Recommendation Dog!! (which she also art directed).

Music by Dan Policar. Dan is a internationally-touring (more than a decade with Sean Paul's Baddabanz) Grammy-nominated musician, composer and teacher. His music can be found in Empire of Sin, the Colossal Cave Adventure Trailer, and in The Crimson Diamond!

Find bugs? feedback@thecrimsondiamond.com


Press & content creator inquiries: thecrimsondiamond@playertwopr.com



The Crimson Diamond Hintbook (for the demo)



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(for Windows PC, playable on Linux or macOS using Wine)

Game Manual

Download on itch.io!


download the DEMO

Version 19: Oct 2023, more fixes!


Mac v.16 Ported by Chad Armstrong





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