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happy holidays

Hello, dear readers! Happy holidays! Apologies for having this issue follow so closely on the heels of issue #1, but like many folks I'm looking forward to zoning out for the last two weeks of the year!

I've made a printable version of this "Season's Greetings" image that's all ready to be folded up into cards to give away to family and friends. Click here for details! The blue cup on the tray is a tribute to Adventure Game Studio, which has a blue cup mascot :).

Our top story is some compatiblity news! A friend of mine has done a bit of research and has run The Crimson Diamond on macOS using WINE, which is a compatibility layer that can run PC stuff on macOS, Linux, and more! Android phones also get a little love, as there is an Adventure Game Studio app that can run TCD, too! Copy and paste the following link to grab the app:

android phone

Sorry the photo is so long! I wanted to show the whole phone. I'm glad I implemented click-to-walk because now Android users can tap around the screen to move Nancy around.

Here's how to get TCD working on Android phones: Make a folder in 0 called "ags", then put the game folder called "Compiled" into it! Let me know if this works for you!


I'm working my way though the next little section of TCD. Nancy (that means YOU!) gets to do some field work! Look forward to some rock facts, if you are the type of person who would look forward to rock facts.

That's all for this month, thanks for reading!

-- JM

Ontario Mineralogy Trivia Section

DID YOU KNOW: Ontario has a working diamond mine! Canada has become famous in recent years as a source for "conflict-free" diamonds. Victor Diamond Mine just so happens to be located roughly in the same area where The Crimson Diamond is set -- The James Bay lowlands, north of Sudbury.

amethyst photo

The above photo shows the holiday card printed! I got mine done at Staples!



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