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Editor: Julia Minamata -


Hello, dear readers! Happy February! The second section of the game is complete and is currently being beta tested! In this section, players can finally explore the grounds surrounding Crimson Lodge.

The downloadable demo available on the site remains mostly the same, but a little different...



Which brings me to what IS different in version 6 of the demo! There is a new movement option for those who prefer the arrow keys: Press n' hold! Press and hold an arrow key to move in your desired direction, release the key to stop. "Tap n' move" is still an option that can be toggled in the main menu, but a lot of players found that method a bit hard to use. Tap n' move is the traditional adventure game style of movement; tap the arrow key once to start the character moving on the screen, tap the same arrow key again to stop movement. I grew up with the "tap" style of movement so it didn't occur to me that it would be strange for new players -- This is why watching people play the game is so important! I added mouse-click to walk for the same reason. I like to give players options, so they can move as they please!

3D Nancy


Inspired by CJ Dugan's incredible Pixel Quest figures (which may bring on nostalgic vibes for certain beloved classic adventure games), I've created 3D printed and coloured Nancy Maple figures! I designed them in MagicaVoxel, which is a free program that is perfect for making pixelly creations in 3D! Nancy's got a giant kumihimo sash in this photo. I made a bracelet with her colour palette -- Now I want to do one for each character, of course! The 3D printed Nancy Maple isn't for sale yet, but if/when that happens I will be sure to let everyone know!


I'm still open for EGA art commissions! This is a self-portrait of me, with a plain background. The working size is 100pixels square. I upsize the final art so it's still crisp and clear, but still retains the beloved chunkiness of pixel art. This format is perfect for profile photos and social media avatars! This format is $100 USD. Click here for more details!

I also offer payment in installments, I'm sure we can work out an arrangement to create the EGA art of your dreams. Email

That's all for this month, thanks for reading!

-- JM



miller museuj

DID YOU KNOW: Ontario universities sometimes have mineralogy museums that are free to visit! I've been to a lovely one (Miller Museum of Geology, photo above ) at Queen's University and the University of Waterloo has one that's also free! It goes without saying that the Royal Ontario Museum has a spectacular mineralogy exhibit too, but that one has a fee. Worth it!



I help moderate a thriving classic gaming community called the Classic Gamers Guild on Facebook. We host plenty of events during the week, as well as contests and a bunch of other great stuff. We even have a podcast and I was the first guest!







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