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Editor: Julia Minamata -


Hello, dear readers! Happy August! What a busy month it's been, and it's only half over!

First exciting bit of news: I'll be at PAX West this year! I don't have a table for The Crimson Diamond, but I will be volunteering at the Transolar Games (Hero-U) table and generally milling about. I'll also be attending the PAX panel Adventure Games: Then and Now at the Hydra Theatre on Monday, September 2 at 1pm! To increase the chances of running into me, follow me on Twitter, I'm @JuliaMinamata.

I'm also planning on visiting SIX (Seattle Indie Expo) so maybe I'll see some of you nice folks there!



Joel Couture wrote a lovely article about The Crimson Diamond for Indie Games +! I'm always super pumped to see people writing about my game. It's always such a rush <3.



Speaking of which, Stephen Schroeder over at wrote an article about The Crimson Diamond, too! He does some wonderful side-by-side comparison of TCD and The Colonel's Bequest, and really goes into detail!


This month was my first time doing video chats/interviews, and I did two! The first one was with the incredible Space Quest Historian, who is actually hosting that PAX West panel on adventure games! He's got a ton of playlists on his channel showcasing classic adventure games and is full of interesting Space Quest trivia.



The second video chat/interview was with Matt Barton, who hosted me for a Matt Chat. Matt is a video game scholar and historian, who has interviewed legendary game devs like Lori and Corey Cole, John and Brenda Romero, Alexey Pajitnov, and Richard Garriott! It was a pleasure to sit down with him and talk about TCD and adventure games in general..



And this one was a complete surprise to me! Alice of Ask_Alice streamed The Crimson Diamond demo too! I jumped into her chat for a bit to answer questions and hang out. it was a fantastic time!


Here's a handy-dandy YouTube playlist of The Crimson Diamond demo videos so far. If you know about one or are making one, please let me know so I can add it!




I love round rock / semi-precious gemstone beads and tons can be had by the strand for fairly cheap! I recently knotted strands of carnelian (red) and malachite (green) using coloured embroidery thread. It's a fun and easy craft!

Have a safe and fun summer!

-- JM




DID YOU KNOW: There is a non-profit group of rock, mineral, and lapidary hobbyists based in Central Canada that is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! The Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Studies (CCFMS) . Of particular interest is the CCFMS Online Resources, which have a wealth of information about many rock-related topics including: associations, geotours, mineral sites, and more!




Check the sidebar for links to my Patreon and PayPal! Or visit The Crimson Diamond's Steam page and add it to your wishlist! <3



I help admin a thriving classic gaming community called the Classic Gamers Guild on Facebook. We host plenty of events during the week, as well as contests and a bunch of other great stuff. We even have a podcast and I was the first guest!


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