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Editor: Julia Minamata -


May 2020

Hello, dear readers! Happy May! Yesterday it was February, today it's May. Who knows what tomorrow will be?

I'm happy to report I'm currently developing chapter 4 of The Crimson Diamond! After months of squashing game bugs and improving the UI, it's nice to get back to the fun stuff :). The most recent version of the game demo (for Windows PC and Mac!) can be found on Steam and



I'm having a lot of fun live-streaming The Crimson Diamond's art and music development! Dan Policar (the musician on TCD) and I alternate between doing art dev and music dev streams. We really enjoy hanging out and chatting with viewers, so please drop in and say hello, if you're able!

We stream on my twitch channel and Dan's channel. If you aren't able to come to a livestream, I post all the streams as videos on my Youtube channel! All seven livestreams we've done so far are on there now!

The next livestream will be on Tuesday, May 19 at 8pm EDT. It'll be an art steam! I'll be "de-making" a modern game: Taking a game screenshot and converting it to the same 16 colour EGA palette that I use in The Crimson Diamond! Here's an example I made, with Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

To add to the de-make fun, I photoshopped the finished art onto a 3.5" disk and an old school pc!


I'm excited that I got to be on Josh Bycer's (of Game Wisdom) first adventure game design roundtable livestream! Also on the roundable were Dave Gilbert (Wadjet Eye Games), Francisco Gonzalez (Grundislav Games), Nathan Hamley (Sick Chicken Studios), and Lori and Corey Cole! (previously of Sierra On-line, now of Transolar Games). Distinguished company, indeed! Here's a link to the video of the livestream.



I'm happy to report that pixel art and cross-stitching go hand-in-hand! My mom really liked this drawing, and asked me to make it into a cross-stitch. I'm very pleased with the results! I made a pixel art version of the original artwork, superimposed a grid, and started stitching!

I got some black aida cloth in the mail and am waiting on some EGA-coloured embroidery thread -- The Crimson Diamond cross-stitch projects are going to happen!



DID YOU KNOW: Labradorite is named after Labrador, Canada where it was first identified! It features a gorgeous iridescent effect called "labradorescence" (really!) The lovely specimen photo above is from RocksAndGemsCanada. I've never ordered anything from them, I just think they photographed the stone so nicely! And as of this gazette's publication date, you can buy it on their site :P.

Here is the pair of earrings I bought at the Victoria & Albert Museum gift shop while I was in London showing The Crimson Diamond at AdventureX last year. They feature red agate and labradorite stones, and they're by Ottoman Hands. I love how the neutral grey translucence of the labradorite reveals that brilliant "labradorescence" at certain angles of light. Ever since the wonderful time I had during AdventureX, labradorite has become one of my favourite stones. :)



Check the sidebar for links to my Patreon and PayPal! Or visit The Crimson Diamond's Steam page follow the game, and add it to your wishlist! There's a FREE playable demo, too, for Windows PC and Mac! <3


Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful May :).

-- JM