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The Crimson Diamond Gazette #30

Welcome to the latest issue! News and fun facts inside!

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I help admin a thriving classic gaming community called the Classic Gamers Guild on Facebook. We host plenty of events during the week, as well as contests and a bunch of other great stuff. We even have a podcast and I was the first guest!




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Editor: Julia Minamata -


April 2021

Hello, dear readers! Happy April! Ontario is warming up nicely. It's an encouraging sign of fairer weather to come.

I'm happy to report that chapter 4 of The Crimson Diamond is officially complete! Of course I have to test, refine, and edit it (and add a few more text parses), but it's playable and all the assets are complete. What a journey it's been so far!There will be seven chapters in total. Let's get to work!

geek's guide to the galaxy image

I was a guest on's Geek's Guide to the Galaxy Podcast! It was a for a panel on adventure games, along with Kurt Kalata (author of The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures, among many other books!). We discussed favourite games, The Crimson Diamond, and Kurt's book with host David Barr Kirtley. It was a great conversation and a wonderful time! There's also an accompanying article on WIRED, you can read that here if you like!

wired magazine article


sweet baby link

I'm working with Sweet Baby Inc. on an unannounced game! Sweet Baby Inc. is a narrative development company based in Montreal. Some of their clients include EA, Valve, and Ubisoft. I'm super excited to be working with them, particularly because it's my first time as an art director! Here's the tweet thread about this secret project :).

After 10+ years as a freelance illustrator and then transitioning to a career as a solo indie game dev, I don't have much experience working on teams. I've been learning so much, and meeting so many amazing people! I can't wait to show this project in a future gazette.


youtube VOD link

Dan Policar is the incredibly talented musician working on The Crimson Diamond, using a genuine Roland MT-32 (pictured on the right in the above image) to create wonderful original tracks! We livestream art and music on Tuesdays at 8pm EST on my Twitch channel and Dan's Twitch channel, respectively! Dan improvised a couple gorgeous outdoors exploration tunes on a recent stream -- Check out this timestamp to hear them.

youtube link2

On art-themed Tuesdays I stream my upgrading process of the introductory sequence art for the game! It's nice to be able to be productive and social at the same time. Here's a recent art stream!




I'm afraid I have nothing new to share for craft corner this month. I will try to be better about my hobbies next month. Goals!


Peridot by Wolfgang Sauber

Photo by Wolfgang Sauber. Natural History Museum, Vienna.


DID YOU KNOW: Peridot is a beautiful green stone that sometimes comes from outer space! The above photo shows peridot crystals in a pallasite meteorite from Xianjiang, China. Peridot is more commonly found and mined in Arizona, but it can be found all over the world!


animated gif


Check the sidebar for links to my Patreon and PayPal! Or visit The Crimson Diamond's Steam page follow the game, and add it to your wishlist! There's a FREE playable demo too, for Windows PC and Mac! <3


Thanks for reading! Have a lovely April!

-- JM