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Editor: Julia Minamata -


July 2020

Hello, dear readers! Happy July! It's been hot hot hot here in Canada, I hope you've been keeping cool wherever you are!

I'm currently working on the second of three sub-sections in Chapter 4 of The Crimson Diamond. Each chapter is designed in sections. It helps me figure out mini-arcs in the story. I also try to end each chapter on mini-cliffhangers!

July was a busy and exciting week for The Crimson Diamond in the news! Onward!


First exciting bit of Canadian media is this wonderful interview by Matthew O'Mara for TVOntario. We talk the origins of The Crimson Diamond, as well as my career transition from freelance illustrator to solo indie dev! Click here for the article.



Second bit of lovely Canadian media was this radio interview I did with CBC Thunder Bay's "Superior Morning" host, Lisa Laco! Crimson, Ontario may be a fictional town, but the location and geology is something I've researched to create a realistic setting! The James Bay Lowlands is a diamondiferous region in northern Ontario, with a currently working diamond mine. "Diamondiferous" is my new favourite word!



And here is the third bit of Canadian media about The Crimson Diamond! On Canada Day I was in a CityNews segment on Canadian game devs who are setting their games in Canada. That was an awesome surprise and the perfect way to celebrate Canada Day!

If you're interested in reading other articles about TCD, check out the sidebar on the left! <---------------------------


I've been having a lot of fun livestreaming game art dev on my Twitch channel! I'm excited to share that I'm now a Twitch Affiliate! I'm still figuring out what that means and what I can do with Twitch -- So much to learn! So far, I have a Nancy Maple emote available that viewers can buy with channel points. Channel points accumulate as you watch (no money involved) -- I don't think it takes many points to unlock it, woo!

I'm still live-streaming working on this building exterior for the introductory sequence of TCD, but I'm also mixing it up a bit with sharing some old college artwork! I stream at 8pm EDT on Tuesdays (actually alternate Tuesdays, trading off with Dan -- See below!), and post the videos on my Youtube channel for folks to watch at their convenience.

Dan Policar is the musician making the music for TCD, using a genuine Roland MT-32! Every other week (Tuesdays, 8pm EDT), Dan's streaming game music dev on his channel, and I'm there on video too, hanging out! The music dev videos end up on my Youtube channel, too!



I've finally started some EGA colour palette cross-stitching! I'm still not 100% happy with the cyans or magentas, so I'm ordered some more colours and seeing what works. But I'm pretty happy with the progress so far! My goal is to eventually do a cross-stitch of some rooms in the lodge. I'll need to buy larger aida cloth (320x200 stitches, plus some extra for margins), but for now it'll be more colour tests and portraits!



DID YOU KNOW: There's an abundance of gorgeous minerals in the world, but unfortunately a lot of them are too soft to be practical for jewellry! Fluorite is an example of one such mineral. There are loads of spectacularly large fluorite crystals (octahedrons) ranging in colour from green to purple -- But with a Mohs hardness of 4 it isn't suitable for rings or bracelets, where it could come into contact with surfaces or objects that could scratch it. But it could still be good for earrings and necklaces! Pictured above are some fluorite beads I have, as well as a couple crystals. I'm not sure what I'll do with the beads yet, but I will keep their physical properties in mind.



Check the sidebar for links to my Patreon and PayPal! Or visit The Crimson Diamond's Steam page follow the game, and add it to your wishlist! There's a FREE playable demo too, for Windows PC and Mac! <3


Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful July :).

-- JM