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Editor: Julia Minamata -


Hello, dear readers! Happy October! Here in Ontario, sunny autumn days are weather perfection. We've got to enjoy them while they last!

I'm gearing up for EGLX this weekend (Oct 18-20) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It's my first table at a big gaming conference, and I'm a little nervous. I got a bright, beautiful retractable stand-up banner printed, so I'm excited to show that! I'll tweet my table location when I know it. Follow me @JuliaMinamata or @thecrimsondiam1 for that info!

I'm now a client of KStar Marketing & PR! Here's my very first press release by KStar, to help me get some attention for The Crimson Diamond leading up to EGLX. For press opportunities, please contact:


AdventureX is just around the corner! There's a Pre-AdventureX Game Writers' Networking Event happening on Friday, November 1 that I'll be attending. It's a free event (you've got to register for tickets). I'm looking forward to meeting some new folks!


The CGG Podcast recently celebrated its first anniversary, and I was back on with Ric and Paul catching them up with what I've been up to since the last time we chatted. If you've been reading my devblog you'll already be up to date, but it's a fun conversation you may still enjoy.





I'm back to playing with voxels in MagicaVoxel! I'm thinking about 3D printing some little Nancy pendants eventually, possibly a reward to myself for eventually launching The Crimson Diamond! ShapeWays has a bunch of different metal options for printing and polishing up all shiny :).





DID YOU KNOW: There are still geological and mineralogical mysteries out in our wide world! Recently an intriguing "diamond inside a diamond" was discovered in Siberia! As I write this, scientists are studying this unique Matryoshka Diamond (as it's been named) to learn how the void inside the larger diamond was formed to contain the smaller one. Fascinating!




Check the sidebar for links to my Patreon and PayPal! Or visit The Crimson Diamond's Steam page and add it to your wishlist! <3



I help admin a thriving classic gaming community called the Classic Gamers Guild on Facebook. We host plenty of events during the week, as well as contests and a bunch of other great stuff. We even have a podcast and I was the first guest!


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Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful October!

-- JM