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Hello, dear readers! Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Crimson Diamond Gazette. Here you'll find news and fun info about The Crimson Diamond and some of my interests that led to me developing this game.

This newsletter will be monthly or less, depending on if there is anything worthy of reporting.

The main story this month is the newest build of The Crimson Diamond Demo (v4). I've added a "click-to-walk" option for players who aren't used to the classic "Sierra-style" method of movement; this involved navigating using the arrow keys and having players continue moving in one direction after one key press, until they bumped into an obstacle or pressed the arrow key again. I watched some players test The Crimson Diamond at WordPlay 6 in Toronto this November, and this style of movement was giving them trouble. So now players can choose click-to-walk or movement using the arrow keys in the main menu.

I've also added a Tutorial Room, to teach players how to use a text parser interface. This feature is available at the title screen.

tutorial room image

Download TCD demo

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